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Back office solutions, compliance and contracts

Nobody knows your finance or back office requirements better than you do and nobody knows how to meet the needs of a recruitment business better than we do. We have had years of experience in providing the right solutions to make sure you have a reliable, workable, option no matter what difficulties you may be facing.

Back office support is crucial for a successful business. Logistical problems with invoicing and payroll can be a nightmare. Our portal will automate everything to ensure your workers are not just paid, they are paid what the timesheet says they should be paid, and that money gets to them on time. Of course, it almost goes without saying that we will take care of the compliance and appropriate legal requirements. We can even resolve your timesheet, contracts and other paperwork headaches and offer legal guidance if you need it.

Finance and invoicing

One of the issues many recruitment agencies face is unstable or unreliable income. There never seems to be the right balance. We step in for you and arrange things so that your financial situation is exactly how it should be. Steady, reliable and on time. 

Invoice funding (sometimes known as factoring) is a popular option because nothing is more comforting that knowing exactly when and how much your invoices will generate. With invoice financing you will know week on week exactly what revenue will be generated, we will chase the payment and do all the follow up work. No wonder so many businesses rely on us to take care of financing for them.

Invoice discounting works in a similar way to invoice funding but you do the credit control. This way your customers do not see any third party. We will finance a significant amount of your outstanding invoices, up to 100%, based on your circumstances allowing you access to the cashflow you need. 

Because we work with you to provide the financial solutions you need, rather than just push the ones we supply, Helping Hand will talk to you about your requirements and then design the best solutions possible. 

Get in touch and let’s talk about how we can help.

Debt insurance

In a perfect world all of your clients would pay promptly, or at least within your agreed terms. There is always a risk though. A risk that your client disputes an invoice, claims they never received it or, at worst, goes into liquidation without having paid your fees. That risk can be exacerbated in uncertain times like these.

Guard against the risk and have an extra level of security with Debt Insurance. We can advise and provide the different types of debt insurance you need to suit your recruitment business. That might be Bad Debt Provision or Credit Insurance tailored to cover liquidation or even a can’t or won’t pay situation.

Credit Control and Online Payroll Solutions

Money comes into your business and you use it make sure your placements get paid. It’s a simple enough process on the surface but in reality, that flow of funds breaks up very easily. Nothing will ruin your reputation with employers and the staff you place faster than a missed payment or inaccurate and slow payroll. With an online payroll portal from Helping Hand you will know exactly where you stand with a compliant, efficient, cost-effective and time saving solution. Once up and running our online payroll will take the pain and hassle out of weekly bacs payments, holidays, timesheets and everything you need to keep the pay flowing to where it needs to go.

Of course, you need the income to cover all the outgoings so, at the other end of the process we can offer a credit control service to make sure that the money comes in on time, as well as goes out on time. Credit control is more important than ever right now, and we know from experience just how quickly a problem at the start of the chain can cause real issues for a business. Call us and we can talk through how we can help. From Credit control to payroll we are here to keep the money flowing.