Coming changes to IR35 – Do you need to do anything?


As usual, when there is a top-level change in the way the system operates, there is a lot of confusion about what and who it applies to. In April this year, the next round of implementation of the new rules comes into play, so this seems like a good time to consider what the actual…

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Domestic Reverse Charge – What are the ins and outs?

Domestic Reverse Charge

The Domestic Reverse charge is a big shake-up of how the construction industry deals with VAT payments. It has been on the cards for some time, and after it was delayed in 2019, it came into force from March 1st 2021. As tends to be the case with all things VAT related, there is a…

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Due Diligence on your supply chain – Get it wrong and it can cost you!

Due Diligence

Recruitment is not as straightforward as matching people to job roles. People outside the sector often overlook the fact that recruiting is complex and highly regulated. After all, there’s nothing as complex as people! Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous recruiters out there, and those who are simply naïve to the background of their labour supply…

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Key information documents – What are the ins, outs and must dos?

Government legislation, which came into force in April 2020, means that new agency workers must be now issued with a what is commonly known as a Key Information Document (KID). This document contains a range of important details about how things will operate once they sign up to a contract. The reason behind for creating…

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